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YouTube Video Filters for Chrome

YouTube Video Filters for Chrome is a simple option that allows you to enhance the look of your YouTube through a series of easily applied filters.

There are over 30 filters (with more being routinely added) listed for use on your YouTube videos that range from MoonLight tones and Gamma to Sharpen and many more in between. The sharpen filter is a nice option especially if you have tried to watch some of the videos out there that have screen details as part of the video and they are just about unreadable – this little extension will help. You can fully alter the entire viewing surface of the video to suit your mood or to apply a more refined look to any video.

YouTube Video Filters for Chrome requires no configuration just simply install it, then display the filter selections in the drop-down via the icon and choose your filter making it a great hassle-free way to enjoy your videos and even protect your eyes from extended sessions with some of the lower light filters.