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騎士的公主養成:Idle Princess 1.5.68 APK Pro Downlaod – latest version for android

騎士的公主養成:Idle Princess 1.5.68 APK Pro Downlaod – latest version for android 【物語的開始】
有人在呼喚我? 雖然可以聽見聲音但卻找不到她的位置
穿越異世界? 什麼意思,我剛剛不是還在自己的房間嗎?


—超過35位美少女精靈等你培育,Spine 2D立繪互動。純正日系畫風,由「藤真拓哉」、「荻pote」等日本人氣繪師參與原畫。




[The beginning of the story]
After all, I was in a dark space, and there was a voice in the darkness
“Master Knight…Master Knight…”
Is someone calling me?   I can hear the voice but I can’t find her position
“Knight-sama…you are traveling to another world.”
Traveling through another world? What do you mean, wasn’t I still in my room just now?
“I’m sorry, I used too much strength, it hurt you.”
Her voice is getting farther and farther
“Please… save the world!”

【Gameplay Features】

◆Collect elves—Are you my knight? ◆
-More than 35 beautiful girl elves are waiting for you to nurture, Spine 2D is interactive. Pure Japanese style, with popular Japanese painters including “Fujima Takuya” and “Ogi pote” participating in the original painting.

◆ Team up to clear levels-place an adventure and easily upgrade! ◆
-Turn-based placement battles, don’t worry about upgrades. The diversified combat system, the attributes are mutually restrained, and the friends can be invited to crusade against the world BOSS. The Darkfall Elves are waiting for your purification.

◆Call of Knights—I will guard the daughter of another world! ◆
-Integrity Knights, attack the occupied land to get the Medal of Honor, exchange for rare equipment to strengthen the spirit!

◆Part-time job and errands-diversify to cultivate the daughter of educational dream ◆
-Obtain books with different attributes through running errands, cultivate the quality of daughters and increase the degree of goodwill, free choice of three careers.

*The content of this game involves tobacco and alcohol, sex, and mild violence. It is classified into 15 levels according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please consume appropriately according to your personal ability.
*Please pay attention to the game time to avoid excessive indulgence.
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